Animal Pets And Animals For Sale (2024)

Graham Hound (Unknown Type) Adult Male

Graham's storyGraham is a 6y/o hound mix. He is good with dogs and people, but needs to be in a home with absolutely...

Pets and Animals Winchester

Domestic Medium Hair - Courtesy Post: Sadie - Medium - Young

Domestic Medium Hair - Courtesy Post: Sadie - Medium - YoungThis is a courtesy post. If you are interested in...

Pets and Animals Winchester

Blue Eyed kitten 11 Months Old

Yoda is a gorgeous, 11 month old, neutered, part Ragdoll, and part traditional siamese kitten. His early life was...

Pets and Animals Winchester45$

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Beautiful Male Chocolate lab

He is a very sweet intergeneric male lab.. raised around children and other animals.. He has also been neutered.. He...

Pets and Animals Winchester300$

3 adorable shih tzu

I have 3 shih tzu that I am re homing. 2 ladies (2, and 3 years of age) and 1 male (1 years of age) they are...

Pets and Animals Winchester1,000$

Australian Shepherd Puppies

Adorable, Loving, raised underfoot with children and other animals. As an aussie breeder for years we have loved and...

Pets and Animals Winchester700$

2 purebred female chocolate lab puppies

Just 2 little women left ... they were born upon June 12th, they have there very first shots and dewormed. the mom of...

Pets and Animals Winchester500$

Sweet as Chocolate Pure Bred Mini-DACHSHUND princess -...

This valuable little angel is all set to leave the Baby room and discover her for life home. Pure Bred Mini DASHCHuND...

Pets and Animals Winchester550$

Prescious Little-Petie Mini- DACHSHUND ~ 9 wks old

Lovely little girl prepares to leave the Nursery, and is trying to find her forever home. Pure Bred Mini DASHCHUND...

Pets and Animals Winchester550$

Sweet as Chocolate Pure Bred Mini-DACHSHUND - 10 wks old

This valuable little angel is ready to leave the Nursery and find her forever home. Pure Bred Mini DASHCHuND puppy...

Pets and Animals Winchester400$

Domestic Medium Hair - Courtesy Post: Carly - Medium - Young

Domestic Medium Hair - Courtesy Post: Carly - Medium - YoungThis is a courtesy post. If you are interested in...

Pets and Animals Winchester

Izzy Mixed Breed (Large) Senior Female

My storyIzzy a 9 year old American Bulldog/Lab mix and is around 50lbs. She is great with cats, but will need a home...

Pets and Animals Winchester95$

Marvel Domestic Shorthair Adult Female

My storySweet Marvel is 18 months old. Very petite. Loves belly rubs. Need an Office Manager? She will be happy to...

Pets and Animals Winchester

Rat - Stardust And Daughter - Small - Young - Female

Rat - Stardust And Daughter - Small - Young - FemaleWe have two gorgeous PEW female's for adoption. This is a mother...

Pets and Animals Winchester

Purebred Chihuahua Puppy

9 week old female Chihuahua. Very small, both parents under 4-5 lbs. She's been dewormed completely and has had her...

Pets and Animals Winchester250$

Adorable Chihuahua/Jack Russel Puppies

I have four 8 week old Chi/Jack Russel mixed young puppies searching for houses. They have been dewormed...

Pets and Animals Winchester100$

Ferrets - Weeza and Grover

Very playful ferrets, need lots of room to run and play. They are looking for a family who will pay lots of attention...

Pets and Animals Winchester250$

Gracie Terrier (Unknown Type, Medium) Young Female

Gracie's storyRemember Gracie? She's the dog that was surrendered to local shelter, spayed and then was hemorrhaging...

Pets and Animals Winchester

Virginia Maine Coon Adult Female

My storyThis sweet kitty is still with the rescue and we just don't get it. She is very calm and sweet. Loves to sit...

Pets and Animals Winchester

Beautiful, Full AKC, All White, Blue Eyed Husky

I have a female, all white, blue eyed Siberian Husky available. She's full AKC registered, and utd on all of her...

Pets and Animals Winchester300$

Karlie Beagle Adult Female

My storyKarlie is wishing, hoping and praying for her forever home. She loves other dogs and sleeps under the covers...

Pets and Animals Winchester

June 2 Domestic Shorthair Young Female

My storyHi my name is June, I'm a orange and white kitty. Me and my sister used to live in a small chicken coop and...

Pets and Animals Winchester

Pesci Domestic Shorthair Adult Male

My storyPesci is an unique boy. One weekend, a volunteer of ours left for a mini vacation. She left her husband and...

Pets and Animals Winchester

Peter Parker Domestic Shorthair Young Male

My storyHi I'm Peter Parker, I'm the most outgoing black kitty around town. I enjoy all the attention that you're...

Pets and Animals Winchester

Sugar Labrador Retriever Senior Female

My storySugars been with us since July. It's taken us that long to get her medically well enough to say that Sugar...

Pets and Animals Winchester

Keki Terrier (Unknown Type, Medium) Adult Female

Keki's storyKeki is a sweet dog that loves other dogs, big or small. She even puts up with the rude dogs in her...

Pets and Animals Winchester

Ramone Bluetick Coonhound Adult Male

My storyHi Again! Ramone here!! He's been answering to Rambo or Ramses, these days... or really anything with "Ram...

Pets and Animals Winchester

Crow Australian Shepherd Puppy Male

My storyHi my name is crow ! I'm a Aussie mix, I'm about 8 months old ! I came from a place in the mountains of West...

Pets and Animals Winchester

Bubba American Staffordshire Terrier Young Male

My storyHi there! My name is Bubba... unless you want to change it! Each of us Rescues has our own story that...

Pets and Animals Winchester

Animal Pets And Animals For Sale (2024)


What are pet animal answers? ›

Pet animals are defined as animals that are kept for a person's company or for entertainment at home. Pet animals are companions to humans and they are very loyal to their owners.

Do you have a pet answers? ›

Answering the question “Do you have any pets?” couldn't be simpler. “Yeah, I have a cat.” “Yeah, I have a dog.” “Yeah, I have a dog and a cat.”

Which animal would you like to have as a pet answer? ›

If I could have any animal as a pet, I would have a dog! They are loyal, compassionate, lovable, and can become our best friends. I have seen many dogs who are indeed a human being's best company. Many of my friends own dogs of different breeds.

Which animal would you like as your pet and why essay? ›

I love all animals and they are all unique in their own way, each offering something amazing but my personal preference is to have dogs as pets. They are just perfect - cuddly, cheeky, funny, cute and they love you unconditionally. They are always so excited to see you and to just spend time with you.

What is the top 10 best pet? ›

10 Best Animals to Keep as Pets
  • Hamster.
  • Rabbit. ...
  • Dog. ...
  • Cat. ...
  • Bearded Dragon. ...
  • Leopard Gecko. ...
  • Betta Fish. A fish is a great low-maintenance pet. ...
  • Guinea Pig. The guinea pig (Cavia porcellus) is a small rodent domesticated in Peru 3,000 years ago. ...
Nov 17, 2023

What are the 5 pets animals? ›

50 Pet Animals Name in Hindi and English
Pet Animals Name in EnglishPet Animals Name in Hindi
Dogकुत्ता (Kutta)
Fishमछली (Machhli)
Rabbitखरगोश (Khargosh)
Guinea Pigगिनी पिग (Guinea Pig)
21 more rows

How do you pass the pet exam? ›

PET exam tips to help you prepare
  1. Don't rush to answer. Read each question and every answer carefully before responding. ...
  2. Listen carefully. During the listening test, you'll have the opportunity to listen to the audio twice. ...
  3. Keep track of your time. ...
  4. Make a plan. ...
  5. Stay calm.

Which is the most popular pet answer? ›

(a) According to the bar graph, the most popular pet is Cats which is owned by 10 students.

Should you ask to pet a dog? ›

No doubt he'd have written something along the lines of “to pet a dog or not to, that is the question?” And that's a valuable question to be asking. Because seriously, you should ALWAYS ask before you pet someone else's dog. Even if you know the person. Even if the dog appears friendly.

Which animal gives us milk? ›

World milk production is almost entirely derived from cattle, buffaloes, goats, sheep and camels. Other less common milk animals are yaks, horses, reindeers and donkeys. The presence and importance of each species varies significantly among regions and countries.

Do animals love pets? ›

Many scientists believe petting is comforting to animals because it reminds them of when they were young and being groomed by their parents. So when you pet your furry friend, they feel just as secure and calm as they did when they were young.

What is the most loved pet animal? ›

Dogs (65.1 million households) Cats (46.5 million households) Freshwater fish (11.1 million households)

What is a 5 sentence for pet? ›

pets are animals that we love to keep. they are very friendly. domestic animals are often kept as pets. pets are true companions for us.

How do you describe your favorite animal? ›

A Paragraph On 'My Favourite Animal' For Children

For me, my favourite animal is the cat because they are so cute and make adorable pets. Bella is the name of my pet cat, and I love her white and black fur, small paws, tiny claws, and a cute little tail.

What is considered a pet animal? ›

pet, any animal kept by human beings as a source of companionship and pleasure. While a pet is generally kept for the pleasure that it can give to its owner, often, especially with horses, dogs, and cats, as well as with some other domesticated animals, this pleasure appears to be mutual.

What is meant by pet animal? ›

an animal that is kept in the home as a companion and treated kindly: They have several pets - a dog, two rabbits, and a guinea pig. a pet snake.

What is pet one word answer? ›

A pet, or companion animal, is an animal kept primarily for a person's company or entertainment rather than as a working animal, livestock, or a laboratory animal.

What is the pet name answer? ›

A pet name is a special name that you use for a close friend or a member of your family instead of using their real name.


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