☀️ISO Shore House Roommates!! 🏖️ - vacation rentals - craigslist (2024)

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☀️ISO Shore House Roommates!! 🏖️ - vacation rentals - craigslist (1)

4BR / 2Ba available now


w/d in unit

air conditioning

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After you read the details, if you are interested, please answer the 5 questions at the bottom, thank you.

🏠 YES! — we have our Atlantic City Vacation Beach House for half a year, for what most people pay for only Memorial Day to Labor Day.

guys OR girls: late 20s-late 40s who are treating this as a Vacation Beach House OR 2nd home.

🤦‍♂️ SORRY:
we are not looking for full-timers who are going to be living there & working in AC every single day & treating this like their permanent every day only residence.

Nor someone just looking for a room.

people who are just down to relax, have fun, go to the beach, go to dinners, go to the bars, go to the casinos, go to the pool bars, go to the beach clubs, games, rides, arcades, go carts, waterpark, comedy shows — treat it as a second home or beach house. Like most summer rentals do.


*** 6 months: April 20-October 21 ***

- rental application, rent, city inspection fees, electric, air, heat, water, sewage, cable, WiFi, triple security system, cameras, repairs, monthly professional cleaning services & office water coolers.

- Lower Chelsea AC on Stockton University’s campus @ O’Donnell Park
- we are right at the south end of where the boardwalk starts
- the beach is like a 100 second walk away,
- the 24/7 $2.25 JITNEY is right at our corner, but we can walk to a farm majority of places
- - RYFE, Mexico, Wonder Bar, Good Dog, Knife & Fork, pizza, places, ice cream shops, bodegas, movies, WaWa, etc.

- porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, outback yard, BBQ, new fire pit, outdoor shower, 2 floors, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms.

Girls get their own bed & bathroom.

Guys get their own bed & bathroom.

full kitchen, mini fridges, water cooler, 6 TVs, WiFi, Heat & Air, charging stations, security cameras, keypad locks, monthly professional cleaning services.

- beer pong, beAr pong & the drinking game book!

- Controlled chaos. Organized Insanity....whatever you wanna call it. We def. party like rock stars but in a very nice, super organized, non-frat house way, where we always clean up and do not want random guests freeloading.

More of a start drinking early house than a party all night crew, ( not saying it never happens)...

- This is not a house for people who will “ONLY” ever come Friday to Sunday.

If you work Monday to Friday, that’s cool. All we want is you for to use some vacation days so you can check out the weekdays too.

It’s basically a House of people who have flexible schedules or take vacation days who are gonna come down all different days during the summer.

The house is never over crowded, nor dead, because everyone has different schedules.

Like I said earlier, we’re not looking for someone who just wants to rent a room and then go hang out with other friends, …looking for someone who wants to be part of the group and do things together as a beach house.

There's a drama-free, laid back, I'm just here to have a good time, leave work at home, who cares?, don't be an asshole, group of people at the house at all times, meaning it's never dead so you will always have somebody to go out with AND it's never over crowded —
Perfect amount of people.

- We are from all over - but mainly all live in the Philly area now.

Good amount of medical and bar/restaurant professionals, who have crazy schedules and come down on all different kinds of days.

- late 20s-30s years old
- 5 girls. 5 beds. 2 bedrooms
- girls use their own bathroom

- late 20s-40s years old
- 5 guys. 5 beds. 2 bedrooms
- guys get their own bathroom too

We have a private Facebook house page, with roommates only, where we have basic rules, post fun pictures and videos and list theme parties and events.

We also all chime in once a week on who’s going to be down and when so others can plan if they want to come down too.

We also have an Atlantic City roughest chart and bucket list of things we’d like to do, which is incredibly fun!

- We make sure we have info on the house, page about keypad door, lock codes, Wi-Fi information, parking passes, what days trash goes out, etc.

As well as rules in place for guests, cleaning up, noise at certain hours, etc. so there are no issues whatsoever. It just makes everything run smooth.

- EXAMPLE — DEF. cannot have the same out of town guests more than once a month or else it's unfair to those who paid
- Guests are NEVER allowed the first 2 weeks, holiday weeks or last 2 weeks…plenty of other times for guests!

🥘 🍹 🏊‍♂️ THE FUN:
- I mean it’s Atlantic City LOL. There’s more to do in this town then like every other beach town in NJ combined & it won’t be a ghost town, like other beach spots during the week.
- our location is amazing because we are right on a college campus at the start of the boardwalk and very close to the beach … so we are a straight shot down from everything fun.
- plus we spend lots of time in Ventnor, Margate and Brigantine too bc they are so close.

What chu you know about Sunday Funday Beach Bar Parties @ Ventura’s Greenhouse in Margate?!? 😂

Theme Parties, BBQs, Drinking Games, Booze Cruises, fancy dinners, comedy shows, concerts, beer gardens, pool bars, happy hours — beach all day! Road trips to other shore towns.


4-Days you would be @ the house the most?
5-Any Questions?

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    ☀️ISO Shore House Roommates!! 🏖️ - vacation rentals - craigslist (2024)


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