Middle Part Sew In With Closure: Understand What Is It And The Most Stunning Hairstyles (2024)

Are you unsure about how to address the lack of volume in your hair? Women who are dissatisfied with the thickness and texture of their hair can find a great solution in hair extensions. If you are considering enhancing both the length and width of your hair, particularly in the middle section, middle part sew in with closure are the ideal choice!

Let’s get to understand more about what middle part sew in with closure is and the most stunning hairstyles available!

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What is the middle part sew in?

Middle Part Sew In With Closure: Understand What Is It And The Most Stunning Hairstyles (1)

The middle part sew in is a hairpiece, specifically a lace closure, that conceals and blends with your natural hair. It is an excellent choice for women who desire a flawless coverage of their baby hairs or bleached ends. Just remember it is crucial to opt for high-quality sew in extensions!

Once installed, the sew in will provide equal volume on both sides of your head, enabling you to handle how to do a side part closure sew in, side-swept bangs, and various similar looks.

For women who experience uneven volume around one side of their face, the middle part sew ins are often chosen to achieve a balanced appearance.

By using a middle part sew in with closure, you can shield your hair from the detrimental consequences of extracting real hair from the scalp. Additionally, it enhances the effectiveness and fullness of your hair extensions.

Different sizes of middle part sew in with closure

Middle part closures can be customized to meet the specific size requirements of customers. In certain countries and among B2B wholesale hair vendors, such as in Vietnam, closures are meticulously handcrafted. Skilled workers carefully weave each strand of hair into the lace closure knot to ensure a secure closure. Below, we will outline some of the primary sizes available for middle part closures.

Middle part sew in with closure size 2×4

Middle Part Sew In With Closure: Understand What Is It And The Most Stunning Hairstyles (2)

The dimensions of the middle part sew in with closure are determined by the lace closure used. As the size increases, more hair is incorporated into the lace.

Among extension options, the smallest lace closure size is considered to be 2×4. It measures 4 inches in length and 2 inches in width.

This size is ideal for clients who prioritize other areas of their hair over the top section. Moreover, a middle part closure size of 2×4 can result in cost savings as it is available at an affordable price.

Middle part sew in with closure size 2×6

Middle Part Sew In With Closure: Understand What Is It And The Most Stunning Hairstyles (3)

The middle part closure size 2×6 is referred to as the Kim K closure. But how did it acquire this name, and what is the history behind it?

It is no secret that Kim Kardashian has always experimented with various hairstyles. Whether it is middle part sew in with closure straight hair or curled ebony waves, she has tried nearly every haircut imaginable. From sleek wet-look bobs to shoulder-length cuts, her signature hairstyles are everywhere from London to Los Angeles. It is difficult to pinpoint a single signature look for her.

However, if you closely observe Kim Kardashian’s hairstyles, you will notice that she has frequently sported a glossy and perfectly styled middle part closure hairstyle. This particular style has become immensely popular and iconic for Kim.

Now, you can achieve the same stunning Kim K lace locks without a hairstylist. The top-quality Kim K closures are available in the market, allowing you to recreate Kim Kardashian’s signature hairstyle.

Middle part sew in with closure size 4×4, 5×5, 6×6

Middle Part Sew In With Closure: Understand What Is It And The Most Stunning Hairstyles (4)

Square lace closures are available in various sizes, including 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, and 7×7. Each has a width and length equal to 4, 5, 6, and 7 inches respectively.

These square lace closures are designed to provide a dense and ample amount of hair on the lace. This will result in a natural and alluring look.

On the other hand, the middle part closures with these sizes are priced relatively higher, so they are suitable for customers who have a generous budget for beauty products.

What is the process for installing a middle part sew in?

Installing closures is a manageable task, and by following the correct steps, you can achieve a realistic outcome:

  • Begin by making a specific braid pattern for middle part sew in with closure around the middle part of your head. Leave the front hairline untouched and braid it first. This section will serve as a guide for your desired hair parting, so take your time to determine the precise split.
  • Continue braiding the remaining hair, creating small and tight braids on both sides and connecting them at the ends.
  • Next, place a mesh cap over your hair and cut it to fit along your hairline. Choose a mesh cap that closely matches the color of your wig.
  • Now, gradually add your sew-in extensions starting from the sides and work your way towards the center, building up the volume as you go.
  • To complete the look, apply hair styling products and creams, brush out your hair, and tidy up the edges for a polished appearance.

Discover the most stunning middle part sew in hairstyles that you simply can’t overlook

Middle Part Sew In With Closure: Understand What Is It And The Most Stunning Hairstyles (5)

Long Curly Hair With Voluminous Bangs

During the summer season, voluminous hair is highly coveted, especially by women who appreciate an effortless and carefree aesthetic. This particular hairstyle is flattering for women in their thirties who aim to exude a fierce, professional image while maintaining a playful vibe.

Straight & Sleek Super Long Middle Part Sew In

If you prefer long, lustrous, and well-defined hair, you will absolutely adore this middle part sew in with closure style. This particular option is perfect for women who are willing to dedicate extra time to hairstyling and enjoy being the center of attention!

Middle Part Bob Sew In

If you are a low-maintenance individual who appreciates a straightforward appearance, short sew in bob with closure middle part cuts is a lifesaver. This style is particularly appealing to women in their thirties or forties, as well as busy moms, who desire a sleek and polished look.

Medium Long Beach Wave Hairstyle

If you are currently growing out your natural hair and seeking simple and low-maintenance alternatives in the meantime, consider a medium long wavy sew in. This style is incredibly effortless, and its exceptional quality gives the impression of natural hair rather than a wig.

Defined & Curly Middle Part Sew In

This middle part closure sew in with curls is an embodiment of expressing your confidence and relishing the envy-inducing glances. Whether you are attending a wedding, prom, or any other formal event, this hairstyle deserves a top spot on your go-to list. With its long curls, you will exude stunning elegance, leaving everyone in awe of your appearance!

Short Bleached Out Wavy Sew In

If you desire a subtle touch of glamour with a hint of color, consider dyeing your extensions. A bleached-out hairdo can add a highly attractive and alluring element, so it is a fantastic choice even for the office! Your colleagues will admire your boldness and may even question if it is your natural hair due to its authentic appearance.

Messy Bun With Middle Part Bangs Hairstyle

Finally, with a well-executed middle part, you can sport a casual bun. Women adore this hairstyle as it creates the illusion of greater volume. It gives the impression that their buns were professionally styled rather than done at home. All is thanks to their impeccably crafted and freshly styled middle part sew-ins.

Summing Up,

A middle part sew in with closure offers a versatile and stunning option for hairstyling. They can provide endless possibilities, such as a natural and seamless look or a bold and glamorous statement, the middle part sew-in technique. From sleek and straight styles to voluminous curls and beach waves, there is a hairstyle to suit every preference.

Middle Part Sew In With Closure: Understand What Is It And The Most Stunning Hairstyles (2024)


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